About us

The mission of Kretinga Mental Health Center - provide accessible, timely, safe, high-quality, qualified, effective outpatient primary mental health care services to the residents of Kretinga district and other residents of the country who choose the Center.


Vision of the Mental Health Center - accredited, meeting the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania and European Union health care standards, providing the highest quality medical, social and psychosocial rehabilitation services, properly administered, provided with the necessary human, financial and material resources and seeking superiority through quality and diversity of mental health health centre.


The main goal of the mental health center - improve the health of the population of Kretinga district in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality of the population by organizing and providing specialized and qualified primary psychiatric care.


Other goals of the center:

  • To strengthen the mental health of the society and to carry out the prevention of mental disorders;
  • To improve the development of mental health care services in the community;
  • Continuously improve the quality and accessibility of mental health services;
  • Make optimal use of human, financial and material resources.


Tasks of the center:

  • To ensure the quality of provided services, to improve the organization of service provision, their scope;
  • Collaborate with other health care institutions to improve a person's mental health care and continuity of treatment;
  • Encourage and support the professional development of employees;
  • Introduce new information technologies;
  • Continuously analyze the use of resources and optimize the costs of personal health care;
  • Improve staff working conditions.


The administration of the Center undertakes:

  • to continuously improve the quality management system, to strive for the quality policy and directions of the institution's activities to be understood and known to all employees of the institution;
  • to organize the provision of health care services, taking into account the expectations of patients, service customers, founders and the guidelines provided by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • to enable staff to continuously improve their qualifications so that their knowledge, skills and practice meet the needs of patients;
  • to create safe working conditions for the staff of the institution in order to achieve the optimal result with the minimum cost of staff time and materials;
  • to implement information technologies in the institution;
  • to ensure the personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of work in accordance with the duties, competence and responsibility;
  • systematically review the institution's quality policy to ensure that it remains relevant at all times.

Employees undertake - to strive for their activities to comply with the provisions of the institution's quality policy and to strive for the implementation of quality policy principles.



Reception phone number: +370 445 79055

Reception mobile phone number: +370 699 86539

Reception opening hours: I - V from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.